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In today’s fast paced society, people expect to get the information they need at the touch of a finger. Mobile websites have created an even faster way for users to find what they need over the internet. Your website needs to be mobile friendly so your clients can find you as quickly and as easily as possible.

What is a mobile website?

A mobile website is an alternate version of the business website you already have. A mobile website is viewed on a tablet or a smartphone and designed to be viewed on these devices. The mobile website should be different than your regular website. It should be quick to load on a mobile device, be designed concisely, have large navigation buttons and easy-to-find contact information.

Why do people search for services on mobile devices?

Rather than wait until they get home to use their computers, users can access the information they need instantly on a mobile device. People can now search for a business, view their website, learn what services are available and decide to use those services within a very short period of time and from almost any location.

5 reasons why your website should be mobile friendly

You'll Gain More Potential Clients

This year, around 50% of the internet searches throughout the world will be through mobile devices. Last year over 50% of local searches were conducted mobily. By the end of this year, 21% of mobile devices will be tablets. All of theses statistics show a shift in the way people are accessing the internet. A mobile website is becoming more and more necessary for a business to be successful.

You're Clients Will Convert Quickly

Most users who search for something on a mobile device will select a service and call in that moment. If your website is not accessible from a mobile location, it is likely your business will be passed up for one that is. Having a mobile website means a higher conversion rate.

Potential Clients Will Appreciate Ease of Use

If your website is not mobile friendly, clients can still view your regular business website through their devices. However, it will not be easily navigable and will be slow to load. When a website is easier to use, viewers have a better experience and are more likely to use a service.

It's More Convenient for Clients

When a potential client needs your services immediately, they expect your contact information to be readily available. Users are more likely to call a competitor if they cannot find the information they need right away on your website.

Mobile Internet Browsing is Set to Surpass Browsing via Computer

It is expected that by 2015, more people will have mobile internet access than access through a computer. This means if your website is not mobile friendly, more than half of internet users will be unable to find a streamlined version of your business website and will be less likely to use your services.

What do I do if my website is not mobile friendly?

If your website is not mobile friendly, now is the time to start considering making it so. You can pay to have a mobile site built off of your existing website or you can hire a mobile web designer to do a full redesign that includes a mobile website. If you are considering a redesign within the next few years, it is best that your website is fully redesigned and includes a mobile website.

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